Best Android App to use Golden Ratio on Camera

We put together this article to show you what we consider the best Android App to use the Golden Ratio on Camera of your phone.

However, if you do not know what Golden Ratio is you can read this article:

-> How the Golden Ratio Works in Photography

We’re talking about Golden Takes which is available for Android on the Play Store and will put the Golden Ratio Filter on your Mobile Screen. And before explaining a little more about the application I want to show you some prints of the screens I made:

Screenshot Android Application with Golden Ratio

Imagine yourself in a heavenly place with your cell phone in hand… now what? what to do? How to frame the photo in the correct position? Without help it is almost impossible to take a picture when you do not have the skills that great professionals have.

Screenshot Android Application with Golden Ratio

This is why the App makes your life so much easier, you just need to follow the Golden Ratio code placing the point of interest in the center of the Spiral and that’s it! In addition your photo will be beautiful and without you wasting a lot of time. In other words it is easy to explain why we consider it to be the best Golden Ratio Android App to use on the Mobile Camera.

Screenshot Android Application with Golden Ratio

A Thousand Possibilities…

I bring below a nice possibility on the beach to note that the versatility is great of the App. Have you thought? In this picture is a Pineapple and a person lifting it .. and look how beautiful the picture looks. Bottom line: That’s why reinforcement, the importance of having the Golden Ratio filter right on your Mobile Screen. So you don’t miss a thing.

Screenshot Android Application with Golden Ratio

Liked?! Enter the Play Store (Google Play) to download Golden Takes, you will surely make great photos anywhere!

Botton Google Play for Download Golden Takes

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