Best Iphone App to use Golden Ratio on Camera

If you use iPhone with iOS, and are looking for an App to make amazing photos for the camera using the Golden Ratio method, this post is for you!

Now if by chance you still don’t know what the Golden Ratio is, I strongly recommend you to read this article quickly:

-> How Golden Ratio works in Photography

The Application that we are going to present is the Golden Takes that is available for your Iphone with iOS in the Apple App Store. This application is able to simulate on your screen a series of “golden” filters, including the Golden Ratio.

Take a look at the Golden Triangle example which is also an available filter:

Golden Takes app using Golden Triangle Photo filter

Now stop and think with me, you making that trip unforgettable and find a wonderful landscape … you take out your cell phone and start taking photos and nothing looks good ?! Maybe it’s just a little help that you need! The app will guide you where to frame things, (but you need to understand how the photo composition rules work, okay ?!)

How about the Golden Ratio in practice?

And so if you already know the Golden Rule, the App will help you a lot in your photos. You just need to position your points of interest according to the lines formed and that’s it. In the case of the Golden Ratio, you will frame the hot spot of the photo in the center of the spiral and naturally things start to look beautiful.

Golden Takes app using Golden Ratio Photo filter

Look below this interesting possibility of a photo on the beach so you can see that versatility is the highlight of the App. Can you imagine? In the photo we have a pineapple and a person who is lifting it .. and just because it frames the high point on the spiral, the photo ends up becoming more beautiful (the beach helps, right?).

Golden Takes app using Golden Ratio Photo filter

That’s why I reinforce the importance of having the Golden Ratio filter right on your Cell Phone Screen, so you don’t miss anything. Use the App made for your Iphone to have the Golden Ratio on your camera.

Liked?! Enter the App Store (Apple) to download Golden Takes, you will certainly be taking sensational photos anywhere!

Download Golden Takes in App Store

PS: Ah! and don’t forget to comment if you have any questions or suggestions.

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