How to make perfect Selfie with Golden Ratio

You will only need a front camera phone and an app.

If you’ve always wanted to know how to make a perfect selfie and didn’t know how, we present you the Golden Ratio for your photos to shoot on Instagram.

First of all, look at the photo below and agree with us: the selfie is well taken!

Perfect Selfie

You may think that the model helped, but before drawing that conclusion I will explain to you what the Golden Ratio is and why you should pay more attention to it.

The Golden Proportion, or Ratio, is nothing more than a numerical pattern found in nature and that to human eyes sounds like a natural beauty and that is why many people call it the Rule of God.

I will leave here some quick articles that explain how you can use the rule and take amazing pictures.

How the Golden Ratio Works in Photography
How to Use Golden Ratio and Rule of Thirds Together on Cell Phone Camera
Photo Composition with the Proportion of the Golden Triangle

The Secret in practice!

Now that you know the secret of beautiful photos, I will show you how the first photo was composed using the front camera of the phone along with the Golden Takes App:

Perfect Selfie using the Golden Ratio with the Golden Takes App

To find the right angle, the Golden Spiral filter (exactly the Golden Ratio) was used, which is the first button above the App. Voilá! the result is incredibly simple and fast.

Test it! download the app right now and see the result in you! the perfect Selfie with the Golden Ratio is in your hands.

Now let’s see another example, only now using the Golden Triangle Rule (also available in Golden Takes), which uses the same principles as the Golden Ratio and gives a perfect result in the photos.

Perfect Selfie using the Golden Triangle with the Golden Takes App

Notice that with the Golden Triangle your perfect Selfie is even easier, because with this filter the photos closer to the Face are better, since you can enjoy all the angles that your face provides. In other words, your face will help you with this filter.

But wait! and Selfie with someone else? maybe your boyfriend or your mom? she does have space here. Take a look at what you can frame using the Golden Ratio rules with more people in the photo:

Selfie Perfeita usando os Filtros do App Golden Takes

The perfect selfie with Golden Ratio has never been closer! use and abuse your new knowledge and take care of your new photos. The Golden Takes App filters can help you and your Instagram photos will level up!

Ah! and don’t forget to comment on what you think of the Post! 🙂

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