How to Use Golden Ratio and Rule of Thirds Together on Cell Phone Camera

Anyone who likes to take pictures with their cell phone always wonders how it is possible to use the Golden Ratio and Rule of Thirds together on the Cell Phone Camera, so we decided to write to help you with this.

The first thing we need to know is that no cell phone nowadays natively brings the possibility of the Camera’s Golden Ratio filter. However, the Rule of Thirds comes with most Android phones, leaving only Iphones (with iOS) out.

To circumvent the situation and have the two filters together we indicate the use of Golden Takes which is the only application that brings the possibility of overlapping the Golden Ratio Spiral and Rule of Thirds. Let’s start by looking at the following photo:

Photo of Lighthouse ready after applying the Golden Ratio and Rule of Thirds.

Not beautiful? Imagine you standing in front of this lighthouse thinking, “Now what?” How will I compose this photo? Where do I look and watch?

Well, let’s think about some important points for using both rules. First, we focus the center of the spiral (of the Golden Ratio) near the light of the Lighthouse, and you must agree with me that it is the highlight, right? Then another point that catches the eye is the red roof of the building, so let’s focus there at the intersection of the Rule of Thirds lines. Ready!

With the cell phone in hand you move there, here and do it exactly as we speak. Take a look at what your phone screen would look like:

Lighthouse photo on cell phone with Rule of Thirds as well.

Just saw how simple it was to merge the two rules?

Maybe you think the phone screen is a little bit polluted … and of course you are right, however the result of the photo is spectacular! It sure is worth it.

It’s all about Symmetry

I want to draw your attention to a very important detail, which is the Symmetry! Go back to the image above and note that I still positioned the building wall exactly on the Spiral grid line. This grid is a filter that Golden Takes also have and is called Phi Grid, but in another post I explain better.

All of these details will help you compose photos anywhere quickly and easily, so take a look at a few more examples:

Photo Landscape Sunset after applying Golden Ratio and Rule of Thirds
Photo Sunset on Mobile

In this example above we have: Golden Ratio in Sun and lower bar of Rule of Thirds at sea level.

Photo sun setting
Sun Photo Stitches on Golden Ratio Screen

In this other example I focused the sun on the Golden Ratio, then aligned the two lower intersections of the Rule of Thirds in the trees, the left one in the foreground tree and the right one in the background tree.

Hopefully with these examples it has become clear to you how to use the Golden Ratio and Rule of Thirds together on the Camera Screen of your Phone!

And you know right? Got doubts comments down here 🙂

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