Photo Composition with the Proportion of the Golden Triangle

We wrote this article to show you how to composition your photos using the Golden Triangle Ratio.

Many people consider it one of the hardest compositional rules to apply, however, I am here to show you how the Golden Triangle will help you make amazing photos in a new perspective easily.

The Secret here

The big secret is in the transverse lines formed by aligned triangles. Many people also prefer to use rectangles that end up forming the same formation, which is why the rule is also called the Golden Rectangle, Golden Rectangle Ratio.

Take a look at what we are talking about:

Golden Triangle Lines

Note that the lines intersect at right angles of 90 degrees. And most amazingly, the lines intersect exactly at the Golden Ratio:

Golden Triangle Intersection Exactly in Golden Ratio

On this site here you can understand the complete training.

We now know that the great secret of the Golden Triangle is precisely that the intersections are positioned in the Golden Ratio which is where our eyes are attracted and the photos are most attractive.

How to apply to photos

Knowing that intersections are the points of interest makes it easy, you just need to notice your scene so that the image lines follow the rule lines to the point of interest. Let’s look at a photo that used the rule:

Profile shot that was made based on the Golden Triangle

Let’s see how simple it is to make this photo using the Golden Triangle filter in the Golden Takes App:

Golden Takes app using Golden Triangle Photo filter

Note that the woman’s gaze is close to the intersection of the line, and her jaw follows the angle of the lower line, forming a beautiful image. A really simple photo to make and with a fantastic result.

Remember that you do not need to position your points of interest exactly above the lines or at the intersection points. The important thing is to follow the direction the lines take you. See this image, note that the ship line follows the Triangle Ratio.

Golden Takes app using Golden Triangle Photo filter

For long objects or those offering a perspective line the rule is sensational, it gives a very interesting effect. See this from a bridge:

Golden Takes app using Golden Triangle Photo filter

Can you understand how to use the Composition of Photos Golden Triangle rule? Hope so! However if there was any doubt, ask us ?! 🙂

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